Xbox 360 Elite Question

    did the elite come with a 60gb hard drive ot 120gb?

    Reason i ask is, i've been offered one with 2 wireless controllers, all leads and 3 games for £85, now i txt him and he said it has a 60gb hard drive but i thought they were 120gb hard drives as standard?


    I thought they were 120gb as standard, might be wrong but mine is 120gb not 60gb.

    yes elite came with 120gb the pro white one had the 60gig

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    Thought they were 120gb, must be dodgy then as he said it has a 60gb and conveniently has no pics, me leaving it alone i think :whistling:


    Also elites are only black.

    Elite-120gb, Pro-60gb, Core-nothing, Premium-20gb

    It's still a very good price .

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    It's still a very good price .

    It is, but sounds dodgy, he txt asked if i wanted it, i offered him £70 and he said yes without not hesitation, he wouldn't tell me where he lives even tho i was going to collect, and said he can only do evenings, and no pics.

    So it's not for me
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