Xbox 360 Elite... Sale Price?

    I've got the following..

    - Xbox 360 Elite (Unboxed)
    - 20GB HDD
    - 1x Wireless Controller (Official, White), 1x Wired Controller (Unofficial)
    - Power Lead, HDMI Cable.

    What should i expect to get for this on here? Having not been about on hotukdeals for a while, no idea where i'm better off just trading it in than selling here.

    Also, anyone know what GAME / Gamestation give trade? Saving me the trip to check.

    Plan is just to chuck this spare 360 in and get myself a slim.

    Before anyone says.. Yes i know.. I don't plan to list it for around 7 days anyway.



    120GB or 20GB?

    I see you've got a white controller listed as well so i'll assume you did mean 20GB.


    Pre owned price is £99 instore
    That's with a years warranty and a black pad plus the 120GB hard drive.

    £60 sounds too much for yours now...

    Edited by: "Starr" 17th Oct 2010

    Original Poster

    Yeah, has a 20GB with it.

    urgh, mixed race console!

    Original Poster

    Crikey cheers Starr, hardly seems worth selling



    Crikey cheers Starr, hardly seems worth sellingCheers

    I've kept my one spare as there isn't much point selling.

    Its not an elite though is it?

    What makes it an Elite is partly it being all black (including the controller) plus the fact it has a 120GB hard drive which yours is lacking.

    To be honest I would avoid your console as it appears to be a mish mash of spare components.

    i would be interested in buying if the price is right
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