XBOX 360 External Hard Drive Help Required

    Hi all I am currently looking into getting an external hard drive for the xbox and wondered what the best overall drive is for these features.Size between 500gb-750gb to be used mainly for wmv movies and if possible after the 17th Nov update backing up games to hd although the latter I am not sure if it will be possible.
    All replys appreciated
    2..Plug and Play
    4.Powerswitch on/off


    you won't be able to back game sup to an external hdd and it also needs to be formatted to HFS+ file system for the xbox to recognise it.

    I used mac drive to do this with mine

    Any FAT variant or HFS+ with the latter being able to store files larger than 4gb apparently (never tried it myself).

    If you buy a 3.5" drive then it will require its own power adapter more than likely.

    I wanna do exactly the same.
    Am waitingof for XBOX to return my console, so hopefully you will get a load of info on this.
    Can you back up your films that you currently have on DVD onto your external drive and then watch on the XBOX -if so what format do the films need to be in MP3, AVI etc..

    360 plays avi if you download the codecs from xbox live
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