Found 9th Oct 2008
Got 8 360 faceplates that i'm wanting to sell, no idea of prices though, any help?

Assassins Creed (2 Different Ones)
Viva Pinata
Full Auto
Blue Dragon

Pics of them are here:…es/

Need money to buy a new phone, so need to know how much to ask for these.


You'll definatly get more selling them seperatly. Honestly, probably worth around a tenner each i guess, have a look if theres any been sold on ebay recently.

Original Poster

Yeah, i was planning on selling them seperately.

I know the Blue Dragon one isnt easy to come across.

I may be intrested in the Assassins Creed one, depends how much you selling for....

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Well, thats why i'm asking on here first.

Ive no idea how much to sell them for.

How much for FULL AUTO faceplate - dont like the game just like the faceplate

How much for bioshock faceplate?


I paid Uncle Sy a crisp £5 note for las Vegas2 faceplate:-D

Original Poster

Prices are currently undecided, i'll check out ebay tomorrow.

I'll PM those interested, if you like?

Original Poster

Any help?


anything from 99p to about £9 on fleabay ... how much for the viva pinata plate

I'd be interested in Viva too... and mayvbe Blue Dragon?
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