xbox 360 fix

    ive sent my 360 away for dreaded repair to microsoft. does anyone know how long it usualy takes?


    i read it was approx 25 days on the xbox core deal from boots that was posted in the hot deals section today…ots

    post 3, according to him its 25 working days, so approx 5 weeks

    [SIZE=2]From friends experience it's usually about 1-2 weeks. :thumbsup:[/SIZE]

    5 weeks!!!????!

    Thats mad!!, They only send out a refurb anyway!

    my bro inlaw has had 6 in total and the longest one took 3 weeks

    Mine was done in little over a week (refurb).

    Xbox repairs are moving to another country i hear or something like that anyway so repairs will take around 1 month.

    They don't send out refurbs anymore, they repair the one you send in.

    My two repairs have taken 2 and 3 weeks, but 5 weeks is being quoted at the moment. You will probably get a 1 month Xbox live voucher when it comes back. (generous of them)
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