XBOX 360 for around 200-250?

    Either Premium Console with a game or two
    or a Core Console with Memory Card and a game or two
    anyone seen anything?:?


    Hello mate,
    Got an XBOX 360 Premium pack, 3 months old, boxed, 1 x wireless controler, headset, enthernet cable and 5 games:

    Moto GP
    Table tennis
    Just cause
    Project Gotham


    Got Xbox core, additional conroller, 64mb memory card and viva pinata. All for £200. Traded in viva pinata for £14 and got pro evo 6 for extra tenner. Bought at gamestation instore. Hope this helps.

    Argos -
    Core 360
    Viva Pinata
    Pro Evo Soccer 6
    AND Fuzion Frenzy
    £199.95 collected at store.

    Previously had £30 of free vouchers too.

    Original Poster

    isnt that offer gone now?

    Only the vouchers part is gone - and some stores don't have all 5 in stock - check online to reserve if they do have em all. Plenty of stock, just somewhat sporadic.

    Original Poster

    it isnt on the website any more.... why?

    how is that 199? Ive tried and its 280 odd

    Original Poster

    yeah, thats what i was talking bout, the deal isnt on the internet anymore

    hi i have a xbox 360
    2 controllers
    arcade unplugged
    pgr 3

    I got my core system from (germany) for £140 (including delivery - arrived in 4 days). I then bought an extra wireless controller from shopto (£19) and a few games - so for well under £200 I have a great system!

    Although driving the girlfriend mad as spend lots of time in front of the TV now !!
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