Xbox 360 - Forgein games on a UK console

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Found 5th Feb 2010
bit of a noob question but going to France in a couple of weeks on a trip and i am wondering if i was to buy an Xbox game over there, would it work in my console

1) would it work?
2) could i get it into english language??



1) Yes
2) Depends on the game, read the back of the box for languages.

You wouldnt want to pay the prices mate! The last time a was in France the games were arround 80 or 90 euro. I did get a couple off cheap ones in spain. A tennis game that was all in english exept the speach and a poker game that was all in english.

dont e expecting anything cheap just because your going to france. youl pay more over there. stick to uk websites for your games. [url][/url] or check games tracker

yep-prices are insane! we were in paris a few times last year-fifa 10 was 80 euros on day of release-games are mega expensive in france.


Lol, shold take a few with you and sell them on the streets lol.
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