XBOX 360 Game Installation Help

Hi Guys

Just bought myself the new 360 slim with a few games

Im planning on installing the games to the hard drive to help woth loading times - i was just wondering if u still needed the discs to play the games once they were installed on the hard drive??

I'm presuming you do - but if anyone can confirm that'll be brill



yes you do

Original Poster


yes you do

cheers buddy

not sure how to rep ppl anymore but will try and figure it out

Otherwise whats to stop you from just simply renting or lending the game, ripping it to your HDD then getting the game for free.

As pointed out you do, the disc loads and starts the game.

One thing to point out though is if you have a broken disc (deep scratchs etc) it should still work as long as the game had been previously installed to hard drive.

My GTA disc stopped working randomly so borrowed a friends copy installed it to hard drive and now my broken disc works fine because its not spinning.
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