XBox 360 game pad and some advice please!

I have Res Evil 5 on PC and am struggling with the control system (having been a console gamer for many years!).

I have been advised that i can use an XBox 360 pad and an adapter. So..........

1. Does anyone have a 360 pad for sale?

2. What cable do i need and does anyone have one for sale?!



if you use a wired 360 pad then that's all you need. it plugs straight into your usb port. you just need the driver.

wireless is more complicated, you need the microsoft wireless receiver.

i have a wireless one,

Original Poster

Thanks for the input you two!! I have an account with overclockers and get free delivery, so i've ordered the pad from there.

(Skilly do you have a warehouse full of things?!) ha!! ha!!!
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