Xbox 360 gamers needed to HALO 3 Legendary completion

Ok i need a few people for halo 3 - me and my mate are up to cortana and are dreading doing it so if we can get a few extra peeps it will be easier

Btw you have to complete the mission in progress no leaving during otherwise we lose



i'm in stu900

Not been on it in aaaaaaages

will be online most nights

Original Poster


I may be up for that dandoc. My GT is xx GreekTony xx

Just out of interest, what else do peeps on here play?


lol yeah I did that mission it's such an awful no fun at all, more of a chore to complete than anything else but like you I wanted my achievement

Halo 3 = average.... LOL

too true! I'm just starting on DMC4 and damn this game has to have the most epic beginning in any video game I have ever played!! And the boss fights are awesome. Some of them are absolutely huge. I'm just hoping that Civ is going to be good. I need something a little calmer than COD4, GoW, DMC4, Halo3 etc


Halo 3 = average.... LOL

Agreed the coop is really good tho and fun

when u doin it? ill have my xbox bk in a few days, i dont mind helping u out, horrible mission tho lol

btw badmanmeows avatar looks like darnell from big brother lol


btw badmanmeows avatar looks like darnell from big brother lol

:lol: :lol: :lol:
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