xbox 360 games

just got a xbox and just wondering can anyone recommend any good shooting games like cod 4 just finished it.


The obvious recommendations are Call of Duty 2 and 3. Probably go for COD2 because COD3 is made by different people.

Rainbow 6: Vegas is also worth picking up. It's slower paced, but more strategic than COD4. Although the sequel is out soon (next week?) so you may as well wait for that.

to be honest you've played the best.
There's the obvious: Halo 3, frontline fuel of war, darkness, bioshock, rainbow six vegas

But if your after something a little different i'd recommend fear.

Can be picked up quite cheap now (£14.99 but i'm sure it's cheaper elsewhere) and it's pretty cool and quite creepy.

As is condemmed, not so much fps more fp role play. It's ace though and again very scarey.

I would also recommend Battlefield 2: Modern combat. This is the game that front line fuels of war has copied, it's huuuuuge with helicopters, tanks , jeeps etc.

It's only really good for online play, but it can be picked up cheap.

Have fun!

do many people still play battlefield 2 on live? i find that its hard to get games going with alot of the older games. if frontline is similar then go with that, at least your guaranteed lots of online players. I played the demo last night, its not bad.

i never struggle to find games, i play at night though when all the Americans are up.
I actually prefer BF2 to FL but thats just me
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