Found 1st Jan 2009
What games do you reccomend that i get fro XBOX 360.



lego indiana jones

Gears of War 1 & 2
Tiger Woods 2009
Big Game Hunter (bit shabby but a lot of fun!)

Battlefield Bad Company is great IMO. Can be got at a decent price and is definitely up there with COD4, even better in some parts.

depends what kind of games you are into....

fifa 09 for sports
forza2/pgr4 for car racing
call of duty 4/5
gears of war
lost odyssey if you like final fantasy
oblivion is the ultimate adventure game for 360

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Got Gears Of War
Dont like Tiger Woods, have 2008

I might get lego indiana jones

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Got Bad Company, did not really get into it. Got most of them apart from Oblivion.


i have euro 2008 and world championship snooker if interested!

bioshock, its a bit old but still an awesome game. Otherwise call of duty 4/5, I quite like mirrors edge too. and Gears 2 is awesome

Left 4 Dead

GTA.4 and Top Spin 3 :thumbsup:

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Thanks all, but im just going to continue playng the games i got.


Dead Space (very atmospheric/scary)
Call of Duty 4 (amazing online)
Halo 3 (great gameplay)
Gears of War (beautiful graphics)
Fallout 3 (huge game, atmospheric)
All the LEGO games (simple no brainer fun)
Mass Effect (brilliant story)
Bioshock!!! (beautiful graphics, atmosphere, story)
Dead Rising (no brainer zombie killing fun)

Each of these games because of the unique things they bring to gaming,

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Im thinking about Fallout 3! Thanks for reminding me.

Fallout 3.... a must have if you like big open ended games.
I finished it yesterday after 73 hours and there is loads more I haven't found yet.

cod4 and come n get blown up by me & odb

Left 4 Dead is a must


Left 4 Dead is a must

i second that:thumbsup:

The Darkness
Left 4 Dead
Fallout 3


i second that:thumbsup:

I third that....

Oh and....


[QUOTE=Likely2;3957890]I third that....QUOTE]

I fourth that....

Shadowrun, available for about £5 now. Its only online, but its really good especially for the lacklustre price.

I bought Halo 3 nine months ago, haven't played anything since!! well apart from Goldeneye on the N64.

Have just spent some of my leftover christmas money on COD4.

Those two games will keep you going for years!!



Probably one of the best games to come out in the past 5 years.
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