Found 2nd Aug 2009
im new here and not up to date with electricals
i have just bought my partner an xbox 360 arcade for his birthday, but need to get him some games.
some games say xbox 360, and some say x box 360 live, can this consol play them all, and what about these wireless controllers?
any help please


xbox 360 live is the online portion of the console. Any xbox 360 game you buy it will play fine, and if he subscribes to xbox live he can play any multiplayer section the games have, online over the internet

Some games worth getting are:

Gears of War 1 AND 2
Halflife Orange Box
Rainbow Six Vegas 1 or/and 2
Call of Duty 2/3/4/5
Halo 3

Forza 2

Adventure/Role Playing Games
Mass Effect
Fallout 3

To be honest there are 2 many games to mention which are worth getting. A good place to look is:…es/

resident evil 5
Army of two
Dead space
Dead rising
Left 4 dead
Assassins Creed
Fear files
Fear 2: Project Origin
tomb raider legend and underworld

Just some of the games you got to own.
And the wireless controllers work great never get any problems with them no leads no mess.

As for the Wireless Controller part of the question; They are simply another controller.
There are 2 types: Wired, Which is physically plugged into the front of the console. Wireless Which has no wires attached, but runs off of 2AA batteries. There are rechargable battery packs available for these, usually called Play + Charge kits, which come with a Battery for the controller, and a cable which you plug into your xbox360 and attach the controller to so it can charge when they are flat. You can play games still with the wire plugged in.

I would also look into picking him up 2100 microsoft points. it is microsofts currency to purchase games from their online marketplace. Some of the best games on the xbox are to be found on the Xbox Live Arcade.

If its an arcade console then an hdd will need to be bought, you can't really get by without one, 20gb will be fine although 60gb or 120gb is reccomended

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thanks everyone, i understood all of that except the last thread, i dont know anything about electricals, might let him sort that bit himself when i give him it in 2 weeks:thumbsup:

you do know you wont see him much?you will get sole custody of the sky remote!!!and if you need any DIY done get him to do it now...before you give him the 360..x

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he he, ive bought him it so i wont have to see him much
he just bought me lost boxset 1-4 n he doesnt like it n asks questions all the way through, so i need some peace

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n i feel sorry for him coz he,s so easy, he sits with me everynight watching all the soaps n doesnt say anything coz he knows it wont make a difference, so im trying to keep us both happy



he he, ive bought him it so i wont have to see him much

Would it not be cheaper to dump him then?? :w00t:

You have to get him CoD4 or [email protected] then MW2 for Xmas!

you should get him a hard drive for it as it will help online aming and saving of gaves for faster loadig, you can pick them up on here for about £23-25 I might be selling one if your intrested i dig it out
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