Xbox 360 Games on Demand

Is it just me or are these rediculously expensive?

Surely if they want to be able to compete then they need to offer competitive titles in order for anybody to start to take them seriously.


I think you went a bit crazy with the tags.

Viva pinata....£19.99
Clearly a bargain

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I think you went a bit crazy with the tags.

Very possibly, sorry about that, they were a few I used recently and they were in the browser cache, I'll clear a few off there though.


Clearly not the 1st post on the subject :whistling:

This has already been discussed, but I totally agree.

Prices are scandalous, but as long as morons are paying for them the prices won't be dropping.

I feel sorry for Australia though, the games there are 6000MSP, so for CoD2, Mass Effect - 6000MSP, whats that? £50 nearly?


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Sorry, admin please close this thread, I didn't mean to double post.
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