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Found 22nd Oct 2017
Am I right in saying that all games that you get each month for having a gold membership are free to keep forever on the 360, even when your sub ends?

If so, couldn't you just buy a 2 day trial on eBay for £1 to get the games for free, and time it with the days that the games change mid month?
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No games for gold are free as long as you got gold. Once you stop subscribing the games lock and you have to buy them.
I am sure the 360 games on the 360 stay free after gold expires.
You can play 360 games without a sub yes, not so for Xbox One games, you cannot get GWG titles with a free trial
As mentioned, you get to keep and play the games after a sub expires on a 360 - but not on XB1 - you keep the games in your library but MUST have an active sub with XB1 to play them. Also, I believe you have to have at least a one month sub to gain access to GWG, so no, a trial sub won't work I'm afraid. HTH.

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