Xbox 360 gaming headphones

Found 25th Aug 2008
Im not really sure which ones to get so would like a bit of advice on which are decent and looking to pay around £30-50.

Ive head that these might be good: amazon.co.uk/Tri…K78

or maybe these ( X1 or X3s): turtlebeach.com/pro…spx

Does anyone know where to find these cheap or if anyones got nay for sale please.
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turtle beach x1 mate unless you want to get the wireless ones

turtle beach x1 mate unless you want to get the wireless ones

Yeah i was thinking of them but do they have surround sound? and do you know where i could get them pretty cheap?
Ear Force X1 amplified headphones give serious gamers the ultimate competative edge by combining Xbox Live chat and stereo game audio into an immersive sound experience. You may have seen the X1 headphones being used on Xleague TV Sky channel 208.

X1s intergrated design overcomes the limitation of communicator headsets that block game sound from one ear and eliminates voice chat interference caused by the headset microphone picking up sound from external speakers.

So pump up the volume without disturbing friends, family or neighbours. Hear every nuance of the game - from an opponnent sneaking up behind you to your teammates voice right next to you.

Its everything you need for an amazing gaming experience.

Used by the EU's top Call Of Duty 4 team Project X Gaming, Gucci says "The Turtle Beach Earforce X1 improve you as a gamer by pinpointing every opponnent in the field and thinking 2 steps forward, feel free to join our demonstration by visiting www.projectx-gaming.com"

So if you want to start playing like a Pro the X1 headphones are a good place to start.
Thanks left some rep, ill be buying them later

Thanks left some rep, ill be buying them later

anytime matey
Gone for some of these too. Rep left.
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