xbox 360 halo 3 achievements anyone?

    Yeh basically im looking for help with

    Mongoose mowdown

    Anyone wana help let me know and ill tell how to set the game up


    you wann do a bit of online when my copy arrives?

    Original Poster

    yep can do that,

    Oh yeh minimum rank must be like 20.

    put the effin game down and play somethin else! NOW!


    Original Poster

    i need a 1000g lol the rest are minor can do em its just over kill i kill 3 people and cant find the 4th :@.

    i dunno what my rank is, i will make sure i am up to your standards

    just download a complete save fie, not sure if that'll work

    Original Poster

    coz my ranks a 32 and it wont search for anyone lower then 20 in lone wolves

    we could do team doubles :p, isnt their another game mode we could go in same game?

    Original Poster

    team doubles yeh we can go up to generals? make a rank go high


    I still haven't played Halo 3 online, is it good?

    yer its ace, best bit about it, i will teach you lol

    Original Poster


    STFU lol

    its poo hehe
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