xbox 360 has red ring help

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Found 24th Feb 2009
Hi my modded 360 has just shown half a red ring,what does this mean?somone said its the cooling byt to be honest it was only on for 20 min.



it means ur done and u cant even send it back to microsoft after modding it

Gutted! Mine red ringed too!

IYou mod them yourselveS?

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no somone i know did it

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what about the x clamp?would that fix it?

two lights just means it has overheated . its not the same as the rrod .

the x-clamp sux big time , do the fix , only use quality heat transfer paste to replace original . replace fans with uprated ones .

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its one red light flashing,i got it wrong

I Had the same problem last night.
All i did was wrap 2 towels around it to block the vents left it for 20 mins till it was toasting.
After 20 mins turn it off let it cool for 5 mins then turn back on again.
All is working ok now :thumbsup:
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