Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive

    I know these are £39.99 new instore at Game, has anybody seen a better price than that or do you think that's the best offer that we will see for a while ?

    Thanks in advance guys.


    used to be £60+ so £40 NEW is brill

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    Yeah I thought that would be the case, I've seen a couple of them second-hand for around the £30 mark but they're missing the remote so I may just get one of those since I already have a 360 remote anyway.

    get it from game, get game points, some advisers may give u student discount, and then sell the remote if u dont need it

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    I haven't got a Game reward card, they can kiss my **** if they think I'm paying for one, no other store charges users for a loyalty object.

    I know it's only a few quid but it's the principle of it.

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    Well I ended up getting a pre-owned one from Game, £31.50 with a Student Discount.

    argos have them for £34.99

    Too late, bigbob909.

    Game do student discount? When did they start that?

    that was kind of pointless getting one, HD DVD's are now becoming extinct, Toshiba have given in to BluRay and aren't going to produce HD DVD's anymore
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