Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive - Connect to TV?

Found 15th Sep 2008
Got a Toshiba HD DVD player and looking at maybe getting a Xbox 360 HD Drive for back up or for portable use.

I don't have a Xbox so can I A) Connect it direct to my LCD tv's and it plays HD?

If not then am i right that i can connect to a laptop using a USB cable then using the right cable connect the PC to the TV but i assume you lose the HD of the disc?
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It wont connect straight to your tv, but will work through a laptop just fine, and if your laptop has hdmi out you will preserve the hd content when watching on your tv.. if you use svideo etc then yeah your losing the hd picture..
Though depending on your tv you may be able to use a vga cable from your laptop to your tv, and if your tv supports high enough res over vga (i.e 1280x720) you will get HD Ready equivalent picture..

Oh but do bear in mind you will need a HD Playback ready graphics card for the player to work with your laptop, an 8 series nvidia mobile gpu for instance...

(Though i am reading on the net that the intel X3100 integrated gpu will handle hd-dvd, so if u have one of those you should be ok..)
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