xbox 360 hd dvd player wanted or a normal hd dvd player

    as title suggest i have been buying a few hd dvds from the hmv post but my xbox 36o hd dvd player just wont work for some reason havent even got around to watching any of my films ive bought so looking for a new hd dvd player 360 preferred but if theres a normal one out there going cheap enough ill go for that


    When you say it won't work, what do you mean exactly? Did you run the install disk that came with it?

    I have a 360 HD-DVD player boxed as new, can do for £35 posted

    Original Poster

    Yes did run the install disc it was working at one point now sometimes when i turn my xbox on with the xbox hd dvd player connected it just stays on the first screen when i do get it to the dashboard and press open it dont open

    just says opening and does nothing else

    smoles ill keep that in mind but would prefer a brand new one for £35

    Try PC World, £29.99.

    currys also 29.99


    smoles ill keep that in mind but would prefer a brand new one for £35

    no problem, I didnt think there were any left for sale but good luck :thumbsup:

    cheepaschippies, where are you based?

    I'm willing to let my spare 360 hd dvd drive go for around £26 but may not be worth your while with postage and packaging charges (i've no idea how much that would be)
    If we can do trade in person than maybe that would work out well?

    cex also for £30 although check individual stores for availability. got mine in Derby.
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