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    Hi all, I'm moving to the states for a couple of years soon - I was wondering, does anyone know where the region coding lies on an xbox 360, HDD or console? For example, if I take my existing 360 hard disk to the states and stick it in a US console over there, will the xbox be region locked as a US/NTSC xbox or as a UK/PAL 360? Thanks in advance for any advice


    If you bought the xbox in the uk it will be locked to PAL.
    You will prob have to buy another 360 over there to play NTSC games

    - Console locked not HDD
    So yes you could take your uk HDD to the USA and play all your HDD content from it

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    What I mean is if I take my UK HDD over and stick it in a USA console and wanted to play a region locked game or DVD... would I have to use a US or UK DVD/game?

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    Sorry if I'm being slow, monday morning and coffee hasn't kicked in yet -.-

    its to do with the console not the HDD.

    UK Console = UK Games and DVD's
    USA Console = USA Games and DVD's

    Your UK HDD should work on a USA console.

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    Yeah it does work on USA consoles just wasn't sure about the region thingy. Thanks for the advice


    the region code is flashed into the disc drive and can be changed by flashing the drive but will void your warranty
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