Xbox 360 HDMI Conversion Kit sold in the uk?

i heard talk of the magical Xbox 360 HDMI Conversion Kit back in the day. did anyone actually get 1? and has anyone seen it around in the uk? or on a uk based website... seems like a usefull bit of kit if you have 2 component devices and only 1 component connection. its either that or part exchange for a newer xbox, but that seems like throwing money away

any help or advice on the matter would be great :-)


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its around 80 dollars in the US

there about £35 from amazon.co.uk

I just don't see the point in the Xbox360 HDMI convertor as all its doing it converting the analog component output into a digital one (which is what your TV is doing anyway) which is going to incur some level (maybe inperceptible) of degradation of image quality during the conversion. iIts not going to give you any better image than you got with component and I appreaciate that in your situation its required due to lack of component inputs but others just see HDMI output = Digital = Best image which isn't the case for this device. The only way HDMI output from the XBox360 will be improved is to not have to go through the conversion in the 1st place to analog and so as you mention upgrade to one with HDMI built in. This uses a different chipset keeping the process digital at all stages.

You then potentially (unless your TV has the same resolution as one of the xbox360 choices) have yet another digital scaling/conversion going on to map the resolution selected on the xbox360 to the panel in your tv/projector.

Surely you would be better off getting a component switch box as they are cheaper anyway and incur less conversions along the way?

If you do wish to proceed than it may be better to get a dedicated component to hdmi convertor which to be honest cost far more (circa £100 from keene or letropacks) than that Xbox360 HDMI convertor and indicates what cost is involved to convert component to hdmi properly.


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thanks for the info.... rep well deserved

the easiest thing would be to part exchange the console, but i dont think these older models fetch enough to make it worth it.... seems like im giving the thing away for 100 ( it was 130 before the big price drop, havent checked recently)...

im going to look into the component switch box, seems like the best option for my older console....

madcatz cable doesnt do exactly what it says on the tin (or box in this case)

thanks again

P.s. the madcatz cable is out of stock in amazon if anyones interested, theres a few other variations by other brands....

Why not just get a VGA to HDMI convertor?

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havent tryed that... how much does 1 of those set you back? and how well does it work,...

i cant seem to get 1080i or p resolutions with my tv using the 360 vga cable... which is a shame... it goes green (37X3030D)

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the converter also needs to include sound as well, cos the vga its self doesnt transfer sound it has a seperate cable attached.
From what i can see the converters are quite expensive.... hopefully somone can let us know if they are any good, or will it just be doing the same sort of job as the madcatz but from vga to hdmi?
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