xbox 360 hdmi to dvi audio help

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Found 5th Sep 2008
ok this problem seems to be quite common but I cant find a solution that doesnt involve cutting my cable.... which I will probably have to do in the end...

does anyone know where I can buy a cable that I can run from the HDMI out to the DVI in on my monitor but still have space to run my scart cable for sound?

I hope I've explained this right!


you need to either buy the official xbox 360 hdmi pack which is around 30 quid, and then buy a hdmi to dvi converter...
buy a normal hdmi lead and hdmi to dvi converter off ebay, AND you will need to cut the standard scart connector to fit in at the back of the 360.
I would go for the first option but all told it will cost around 30-35 quid.

Official cable…459

and then a 2 or 3 quid hdmi-dvi adapter off around £26-7 overall.

Get a 360 VGA cable and get a VGA-DVI adaptor to stick on the end. Then you have the audio leads and the same picture quality as the HDMI.

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thanks for your help guys, I bought a HDMI to DVI converter out of MAPLIN for £15 but its so damn chunky I think ill just cut the cable
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