XBOX 360 HDMI to DVI How do I get sound?

Found 25th Feb 2009
I know there is lot of people with a lot of knowledge here which is why I thought I am sure someone has had this problem or at least would know how to fix it.

Yesterday I connected my XBOX 360 to my TV which is one of the early LCD models which does not have a HDMI port.

Instead I have a DVI and a VGA ports and for the sound it has a 3.5mm Audio In port which it fine.

I know I could get one of the XBOX 360 VGA cable which has the VGA output and two RCA for the sound so with a simple adapter from RCA to 3.5mm it would work. But I rather use the HDMI to DVI cable and whatever solution I find for the XBOX 360 I could do the same or something similar for the PS3.

But I already have a HDMI to DVI cable which I use sometimes for my laptop. So I do not want to spend a lot on this, I just want to know how to do it.

The problem that I have is that the HDMI to DVI cable has no AUDIO cable and the XBOX 360 has not got any audio output which I could use to put into my 3.5mm input port.

The cable works and it looks brilliant the XBOX 360 output at 720p looks very good so I am happy with that so now I only need sound.

So any ideas of what can I do to get sound? Any way I could get a HDMI to DVI and 3,5 mm cable or something like that.

I also thought about trying to hear the XBOX 360 on my headset but I can not get it to work, any idead if I could do this ?

Ideally I would like to get it working with this cable

Thanks in advance for any advice and your time
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you could buy this…le/

but would probally be better just doing this.

im gonna do this so i can get optical out of my hdmi connected xbox although think ill buy a cheap cable off ebay to do it to
This is what you need, I don't know where to buy one, it is included with the Xbox 360 Elite.

[image missing]

Audio adapter cable connector to the AV port.
I use it for external 5.1 and HDMI to LCD (Audio Muted) :thumbsup:

Thanks guys for all the info, well I have to say that removing the part of the plastic on the Av cable sound a bit annoying but in the other hand I am not really using that cable so why not.

Specially this is only going to be for that one odd occasion in which I wnat to connect my XBOX in that TV, most of the time the XBOX is plugged in the other TV which does have HDMI port.

But why can I not get the sound in the Headset I just don't get it.

I am going to try the PS3 with the same cable and see if the sound works with the Bluetooth headset which I am sure it will. The only annoying thing about the PS3 is that resetting the output is a bit of a pain. I have to keep pressing the power button ramdomly and hope that it works.

Why can it not be straight forward????
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