Xbox 360 Headset

    Hi can anyone tell me where i can get a good xbox 360 headset it can be wireless or wired.


    Check these offers @ Play.Com

    is it just a normal MS one (wired or wireless) or are you looking for something that will also carry game audio?

    The wireless MS ones have mixed reviews....

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    I dont really mind what type aslong as i can hear my mates when im playing Pro Evo and gears of war. is it better to get a MS one or a cheaper no name one?? and i have been reading the reviews on play and they sound very weak. Any recomondations??

    call Ms

    Assistance by phone:
    0800 587 1102

    tell them its not working and get one free?

    ive got a wired headset sealed in packaging for sale

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    I only bought the core console so didnt get one with my xbox :oops: i might get my friend who just got a pro console to phone and say his headset isnt working see if they replace that one so i can get one for free :thumbsup: thanks hope that works.if not off to play i go...:thumbsup:

    ive had at least 5 off them. mine break all the time from usage (no i dont use it that much its just they are poorly made)

    Get him to call they will send a new one. they will ask him to send his old one in but dont. they say just to send it in. but dont ask u to put anything with it. so if they ever ask say u sent it. they cant tell :\ lol


    In the meantime if you want to hear your mate you can set the voice to come out your tv speakers....

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    Thanks for you replys :thumbsup:
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