xbox 360 headset (wired)

    Could someone please find me the best priced xbox360 wired head set because mine broke , thanks in advance!!


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    Could anybody help!!

    I bought mine from ]365games a few weeks ago, but it looks like they're out of stock now. If you don't mind a second hand one, try ]cex. It comes with a 12 month warranty so if you have any problems at least you know you're covered.

    i have one still in its package.... if i can get my wireless headset to work, i could sell it to you

    Contact Microsoft on the freephone customer service number and explain your headset has broke and it's only a few months old and they normally replace it free of charge, think the only information they ask is your 360 serial number and your address

    have a new one which was gonna go on ebay, let me kow if u want it

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    To the two people that are selling their's what prices are you looking at and if I went down the route of contacting microsoft, shall I do it via email or phone. Thanks

    7 quid delivered, half the retail price, id phone microsoft personally as email can take thwem up to 5 days to respond
    let me know if u want my one though
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