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Found 4th Aug 2008
My Xbox 360 has just turned on, made a really loud noise and had 2 really bright red lights and 2 duller red lights turn on. Is this the ring of death or another problem. Also i'm sure my 360 is the newer model (not elite- the pro, instead of premium) which i thought wasn't meant to get this problem! I got the Xbox at Xmas so it will still be under warranty, but any ideas on whether it isn't the ring of death or has anyone else had the ring of death with the Xbox 360 pro???


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hmmmmm, better than the ring of death but not too promising for a console that has only been used for 7 months!
thanks though, it's appreciated, rep left

My xbox which I also bought at xmas developed the same or simular problem on Saturday, The fans would run very fast and loud, then when playing a game, after about 15 mins the fans would become even louder and then it shuts down with 2 red lights.

I took it back to where I bought from today and they exchanged it for a brand new one. I even upgraded it to the elite xbox for £10, thats what I call customer service, just need to set it up later on.

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where did you exchange it???


where did you exchange it???


Just wanted to let you know that incase you DO have to send your xbox to microsoft. I recently (a 2weeks ago) came across the RROD with my 360, and from the date of them picking it took 10 days (including weekend) for me to get it back in perfect working condition. They replaced the motherboard and the DVD drive, and also gave me 1month free xbox live. I was well pleased!

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yea but i'd rather a brand new one....please microsoft???

When mine broke down I looked on the MS site to see what the fault was. I then rang Gamestation to see what the best option was as they had always been helpful when I had a couple of problems previously. They just said box it all up, bring the receipt as well and they will check it out for me.

They then offered me a new replacement xbox there and then, no waiting for MS to arange collection repair and delivery.
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