xbox 360 help

    hope someone can help me here, i am wanting to sell my 360 so i can get my other half a ds lite.
    how much do you think i should ask for it.
    it is a 20gb non hdmi version with the wireless controller, ethernet cable, headset.
    still have the box for it.
    i also have fifa 09 as well.

    any help would be great


    Seems to quite a few requests on console valuations on this site. There should be a guide on here for people :> !

    It is selling for £125 on amazon…8-2

    Alternatively check these local newspaper websites and price comparatively


    Original Poster

    so about £130 delivered is the best bet then

    I would wait for the new DSi if I were you.

    Thats just amazon. In general it reflects the market value very well but check the other sites as well to get a good idea.

    Original Poster

    i saw the dsi but i dont like the way it has moved the gba slot out. isnt that out next year anyway bit too long to wait lol
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