XBox 360 HELP!

    Son's 360 has gone all wonky and now the gren ring around the on/off button is three red lights making a partial circle...

    I dug out the receipt and, wouldn't you know it, I bought it on the FIRST of November. Ugh.

    Anyway. Is this easy/cheap to resolve and if I can't do it myself where's the cheapest place to take it? Or maybe it'd be cheaper to buy a new one (he's got a pro, but I guess if I bought an arcade he could just put the hard drive on the arcade?)

    He's only about two months into a years live subscription and I can't bear his mournful mug now that he has to watch tv. Sheesh. These kids don't know they're born!


    Three red lights are covered for 3 years by Microsoft.

    Either phone them up or fill in the details online at, you'll then be able to send it off and it will be returned within 2 weeks.

    Sounds like the Red Ring Of Death, if you have registered your xbox online then it is still under warranty for the Red Ring Of Death. So all you need to do is go on the xbox website and put a repair claim in and they will arrange for it to be picked up, they'll fix it and send it back.

    I can't believe how many Xbox 360s die on here, you don't get that with the...ah, forget it, don't want a console war!


    I can't believe how many Xbox 360s die on here, you don't get that with … I can't believe how many Xbox 360s die on here, you don't get that with the...ah, forget it, don't want a console war!

    Aww go on ;-) lol.....lets **** off the fancy door stops with pretty red lights hahaha

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    lol Abvance, I guess the pull of Halo 3 is strong... I know that's virtually all my son plays although once Silent HIll: Homecoming is out in December he'll be nudged off so I can play (and I know, I know, you can play Homecoming already on ps3 if you import it! :D)

    Bathfan and Abomination (cool name ) you guys rock - I'm at the site now so hopefuly on my way to getting it sorted


    I can't believe how many Xbox 360s die on here, you don't get that with … I can't believe how many Xbox 360s die on here, you don't get that with the...ah, forget it, don't want a console war!

    It's mainly because people stick them in their glass fronted cabinets or on the middle shelf of a wooden unit etc so they dont get any air but still expect them to last more than 5 minutes.. All the pictures I see of ones for sale are either stuck in the middle rammed in with no space or covered up with games etc.

    Yep they're going to last long..

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    Heh, well, ours has always sat on top of the cabinet, not in it... so it can't always be that.

    Had mine since the December after release and it has just died literally 5 mins ago. Just emailed Xbox support.

    yeah they die (im on my 4th) but the service from microsoft is second to none, they email you a label, print it off phone ups and in 7 - 10 days its back (last time they also swapped my dvd drive and my games that had started to suffer dirty DVD errors all play now), dont get me started on nintendo, had a ds less than an hour, wont turn on, took three months and a letter from a solicitor to get it fixed

    if no joy how about 'dropping' a drink on it and claiming off you home insurance presuming you have accidental damage, which if you have kids is a must

    If the shop you got it from don't accept it then:

    Remove HDD and all cables.
    Ring Microsoft and get them to email you a label (you will need info off the back of the console).
    Find an old box (not the original) and secure the 360 inside and stick on the label as instructed.
    Ring the number on the label to arrange pickup if you need to.
    Wait a couple of weeks for it to return.

    This is all from memory so you may find your experience different, I also got a card for a month of Live when it returned.

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    Well, Ungreat, you weren't far off... but my experience altered slightly in as much as my printer is out of ink. So I called to say that I couldn't print off the lables; the guy on the other end couldn't have been more helpful if he tried (even though he sounded a *little* bit like a robot reading froma card *laugh*) and arranged for the UPS guy who was gonna pick up the package to bring the label with him! So all I had to do was box it up and then get a receipt from UPS when they knocked on my door yesterday.

    He also mentioned one months free gold live card would be with the xbox when it comes back (should be in less than two weeks).

    He then wished me a merry christmas!! I cracked up and he laughed at the fact he'd probably be the first to do that.

    Maybe not a 'bot after all... Unless. Mirosoft are sneaky and programmed them with a sense of 'humour'? Or should that be 'humor'? :P

    As much as I'm not impressed the machine went up the spout 1 year and 3 days from purchase, the customer support has been amazing thus far.

    Wish my experience was as positive. Spent ages on the phone to tech support. They yhen tell me to go through website. Request a repair: service not availible in UK, i had to then fill out another form. Finally get the email with the label in but the link doesn't work. Off to phone tech support again :x

    EDIT: ok they have cancelled my original label and are now sending another label by email.
    Also, a months free live isn't that good as i have missed out on some of COD beta and the release of Guitar Hero.
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