Xbox 360 - HELP!!

Could anyone please help me?? I am considering getting my BF an xbox 360 for crimbo but I kow nothing about them!! I know he would love xbox live but he doesn't have a PC or internet in his house so what would we need to set this up??

Also is xbox 360 or PS3 better???

Any advice would be great!!

Thanks xxxx


xbox is better anyone who says different is a liar!


360 is the better games console no doubt....

PS3 is more an entertainment unit....not a true console

xbox is better .... especially with live !! . if you want live you must buy one with a hd . .. and you do need the internet for live


if you dont have the internet you cant play on xbox live unless you can use next doors internet with a wireless adapter

If you have sky television, you can get free broadband internet

wow i wish you was my girlfriend, if your BF wanted to go online he would need a harddrive or at least a 512mb card but the memory card option would mean his online experience will be very very limited to what he could download, so choose any xbox console pack with a 20gb harddrive or bigger. For the online he would need to sign up with an ISP(Internet Service Provider) or buy a wireless network adapter and try and leech off someone elses wireless network but the leeching off someone eleses network might not always work because they might be protected or there might not be any networks available to him

Don't forget, if you go for the xbox, you have to pay a subscription to get the Live Gold Service (i.e. to be able to play your games online). The equivalent is free on the PS3.

If he is only wanting Live to enable him to download demos, etc. (Silver account), then that is free.

The question of which is better will never end well in a thread. Both consoles are lucky enough to have plenty of multiformat titles these days so in my opinion it's pretty even.
Personally I bought the 360 as I wanted a decent racing game now (Forza 2) rather than waiting until 2014 or whenever it will be for Gran Turismo!

Without the internet he won't get on Xbox Live, you'd have to sign up to an internet provider to start the ball rolling on that one.

If you are going to buy a 360 you would be better looking to buy a 360 Pro or the 360 Elite as they both have harddrives bundled with them (The 360 Arcade does not) the harddrive will come in handy if he does ever get onto the internet.

The cost of Xbox Live to play online (Gold subscription) is on average around £27/13 months if you look around online.
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