xbox 360 help

    thinking of getting kids one for xmas, was looking at one with hard drive but want to get it modded,but after reading lots of posts seems like the new ones can`t be done yet. looking to get the rock band bundle as well so ami right in thinking i need to be connected to live, any info appreciated
    cheers Darren


    You dont need to be connected to live it is optional.
    However, a lot of people have been banned from live because there consoles are modded supposedly, so if live is important then you will have to go without modding.
    Live is just for downloading free demos ir playing against other people online.

    New 360 drives (Made by Liton) are currently unmoddable , but they expect to fix this in the next couple of months.
    However, that doesnt stop you getting it modded, ... an experienced modder will be able to put a different dvd drive in your 360 by spoofing the liteon drive key onto the replacement drive.
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