xbox 360 help

    my bedroom is above the lounge(where xbox is) can i add a hdmi spitter to xbox so that i can attach the tv upstairs via another hdmi lead so that i can watch films from my xbox upstairs??

    hope that made sense


    Maplin etc sell the splitters. Slight flaw in your plan though - how will you control the xbox (eg start the film) when you are downstairs? You could start it and run downstairs but its not an ideal solution.

    I started looking it this - in the end I purchased another xBox for £50 with a Power Brick.

    Had a HD Component Cable where I got a HDMI cable for the other one and already had two controllers.
    Seemed cheaper and less expensive than trying to splt it

    Would the wireless controller be picked up through a floor?

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    it will be under £20 to splt it just wondering if it would work

    my xbox controller works through nearly at the other end of the house, depends on how thick and far away your trying to take it

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    5meters above
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