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    Hello. hope someone can help.
    I have a Flashed console not sure of version 1.5 or 1.6
    It does not play new games like codmw2 or assassins creed 2 etc
    I did patched all games and tested on Benq drive with 1.5 all perfect(different console)
    do i need a active cd to play on 1.6 or whats wrong ? done same update like on 1.5 console still dont play games ?? thank you


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    to update used this web…htm
    however i download this 2 month ago, will contend changed since ??

    Its to do with the new wave games, you will need the active iso disk.

    These instructions were made using Imgburn!!!

    You can also use this tutorial to play Wave 4 games while on most iXtreme 1.51 and 1.6 Liteon

    PLEASE NOTE!!! DOES NOT BOOT UNSTEALTHED XBOX 1 BACKUPS!!!! I was really hoping it would....

    1: You need your Activate.iso file! You can download it using the link above.

    2: Once you have the activate.iso file, you wanna drag and drop or save it to your desktop.

    3: Insert a DVD+R DL into your dvd burner.

    4: Now open up Activate.iso with any burning software you use. (I.E. Imgburn, Clonecd, etc... I personally use Imgburn... )

    5: Now in your burning program go into your write setting tab and make sure your layerbreak is set to the Calculate Optimal setting. Also check your booktype for DVD+R DL and make sure its on the DVD-ROM setting and that your write speed is at 2.4x.

    6: Start Burn!

    7: As soon as the burn starts a message will pop saying, "that the image is small enough for a regular DVD R, do you want to continue anyway?"
    (You wanna choose yes because burned to a regular DVDR the Activate.iso wont work!!!)

    8: Next another message will pop saying, "even though the image is small enough to fit into one layer its best to write in both layers, do you wanna go away from the norm and write in only one layer?" (Now I wanna stress...READ THIS MESSAGE CAREFULLY!!!!)

    Choosing "Yes" will cause all data to be writing into the first layer.

    Choosing "No" will cause data to be writing into both layers.

    Choose "yes"

    9: It will burn then finish...

    10: Insert the Activate.iso disk into your xbox 360. It will read for a little longer than usual then finally it will say "Play DVD". Press "A" on your controller and a video should pop saying, "Play this disk in an xbox 360 console".

    This is how you know you've burned the iso sucessfully!!

    11: Now just eject the Activate.iso disk and insert your unstealthed, modified or Hybrid disk and it will load!!!









    Hope this helps you out

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    awesome will try in morning
    i get exactly some screen when i try codmw2.
    is this 1.6 firmware then
    other console is def 1.5 and all work fine just have to patched them to wave 3
    thank you
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