xbox 360 help

    Does anyone know where i can buy a cheap 3 month gold membership?

    In the meantime, does anyone have a 48hour trial I could use please?

    Many thanks in advance.


    They were doing 3 months for £7.50 online.

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    JUst gone to do that now and its back up to £15

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    Anyone? Must be sum cheap 3 month codes knocking bout somewhere?

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    Still lookin for one of these if anyone knows where I can one?…ion

    They have it here for £12.99 or a 48 hour one for £1.

    Also, have you signed up for the free month yet?

    If not go to set up a silver account through your x box dashboard and it will ask you if you want gold, when you say no it will ask if you want to try it free for 1 month.

    In my opinion you should just a 13 month code which is £27.99, much better value.
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