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Found 21st Aug 2010

my 2 lads have asked for the new xbox 360s.

they both have an older one, one with 20gb hd and one with 60 gb hd.

whats the best way to get the new ones? ?

try and sell the old ones seperate? then buy the new ones (from ??)?

trade them in against new ones, if so wheres best to do this at?

there going on about the data allready on there 360s hd also so im going to need to find a way to store this first ??

thanks for any tips..
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Gamestation offer £50 trade in on the 60GB model, less on the 20GB better off selling them if you can.

You'll need a data transfer kit (£15) if you want to transfer every bit of data across, but then you'll need the old xbox and new xbox at the same time.

Alternatively you can use a USB stick formatted to work on xbox 360 (you can do this through the console, just make sure its empty before you start) and move important things like gamercards and game saves onto the USB stick, don't worry about game installations and downloaded content, and they can be easily put onto the new xbox's without using the USB stick, game installations can be done again on the new xbox's and downloadable content can be downloaded again free of charge.

So only gamercards and game saves are important. Keep these on USB, sell the old consoles, then transfer via USB onto the new consoles.
thanks for that..

ive got a couple of usb sticks but there not huge.. 2gb/4gb.. would these hold much stuff do you know??

yes they would hold it m8
thanks.. will try and see if i can copy the stuff over then first..
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well ive got the new slim for one of the boys bday today and hes tried move his stuff over apparently.

we have both xboxs still and he tried using my usbdrive but he said it didnt work..

how do i save the things he needs on to the drive??
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