Xbox 360 help: Any way of getting a demo from a dvd onto the hard drive?

    As title,

    I have a battlefield bad company demo on DVD, such a great game guys, but I would like to know if there is any way of getting it from the DVD to the Hard Drive and playing it from there.

    The demo originally could be downloaded via market place to the HDD, so most people are playing thiers from there, unfortunatly I am not, and I am worried that the DVD-R is going to burn out my DVD drive.

    My 360 is completly un-modded and is an arcade with a 120gig drive slapped on.

    If anyone can tell me a way of doing this, (and i get it to work) i will provide you with the Battlefield Bad company DVD that I have for you to play, for FREE!

    Most places charge for this.

    Help if you can



    Im pretty sure you can't do it

    When you say Battlefield : BC demo, im assuming you mean the Beta

    This is just a guess, but putting that game demo on a DVDR can't be legal. It's a leaked beta, so you can't just pass it around....


    Sssh shouldn't be talking about your pirate software here.
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