Xbox 360 Help - Banjo Kazooie (Defeating Grunty !)

    Have not idea how to beat grunty, its the battle where you drive after her and stop her from escaping with the egg !

    Cheers, Will Rep !


    is this at the end of the game ?? if not the only way to beat grunty in a race is keep smashing into her car till she stops try that .hope it helps i only have 51 jigsaw bits at the moment.

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    That's what I did ! I kept smashing into her but nothing happened :-(

    BTW, it was the 1st battle against her, it wasn't an egg it was a nut :oops: !

    any on screen promts or hints ?

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    nope :-(

    Its the level with the big volcano !

    assuming its a "big" volcano and not a normal sized volcano I think its meant to stand out and therefore a hint on how to defeat her, you push her into the top and then cook the egg both bird and bear enjoy scrummy omlette, start the end credits please.

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    anyone else ?
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