Xbox 360 help please ( disk proble

    I've got a Xbox arcade and last week i opened it up cause the drive kept spinning but not playing, only 1or 2, so I had a spare Xbox which I had off a Market a while ago with rrod so I took the drive out that and put it in this and it says play DVD but loads to Xbox screen that's it, does it make a different if the one which I was repairing had silver on front of drive and the rrod one was White?

    Or is there another problem with board etc could someone please explain thanks


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    Sorry about listing it's disk problem

    Its not as easy as that, because each drive uses a different key. You need to transfer the drive key to the other console also.(i think this is the problem)

    ^ drive is married to xbox with a key you need to transfer it to new drive
    with newest dashboard you also need to swap drive like for like (drive make ) due to anti piracy measures
    here is the jungle flasher tutorial on how to flash the drive here

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    Ummm lost me now so I'm fighting a losing battle?
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