Xbox 360 help question

    Hi guys.

    I posted on here a couple of weeks ago about my fiance xbox getting the rrod

    Well when we turn it on now it doesnt get any red rings , but only plays for about 5-10 mins and then it freezes

    we have bought one of the kits suggested , just wanted to know if the kit is likely to fix the problem if we do it correctly because of the fact we dont have any red lights??

    Any advice would be great again thanks


    Sounds like a over heating issue - Poor air circulation within the xbox is known fault.
    As long as the instructions are followed, I think you want you are doing is now preventive maintaince which is always a good thing!

    Original Poster


    Well he has started to attempt to fix it and is saying he has snapped a little bit off (oooops) so he going to solder it back on tomoz and then carryon and hope it works

    If it dosent how much should i be looking to pay for a replacement? it could be banned from xboxlive as he doesnt use that
    So just a xbox360 with no hardrive etc

    Get it proffessionally reflowed the kit you bought will fix the problem but it will RROD again... eventually
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