xbox 360 help resetting cod4 stats/rank

    yeh so hello

    basically my cod4 online stats are messed up. I basically get up to a 9/10/15 rank but when i switch the console off it goes back to 8 when i turn it on again.

    Then the other problem is active connection problem if i quit a game lobby and wana play a different game like death match then i wana play team death match etc it wont let go to it because it says active connection error and to fix this is by signing in and out. And thats kinda annoying me now.

    The games not faulty because it happened on my old cod4 aswell and this is a brand new one.

    So what can i do? is my xbox 360 faulty or the hard drive?

    Btw all my other games work fine. Like halo 3 for instance my rank can go up and when i play next time it will stay the same.


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    another thing is i unlock weapon attatchements and they also go aswell once i turn off my console. It is a big mick take

    Is it a memory issue. If ya HDD is full or nearly full it may stop it saving stuff. Check it out and delete some demos.

    All I can think of ATM.

    Good luck with it.

    Ya not alone with this.…590

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    thanks will delete everything lol


    thanks will delete everything lol

    Could be temp file on your HDD, there is a key combo can do

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    Ive already tried that before ace hayward told me to do that

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    bump bump

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    have both lol but 360 is strictly for online whereas ps3 is for exclusives i dont even fink ive connected my ps3 online yet.
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