XBox 360 help/advice wanted

    I have just got an Xbox 360 core and have no idea how to improve the graphics, what cables are required to upscale anything, where to get good 'cheap' games (gears of war, etc), I really am a novice - well I would be only getting it yesterday. In terms of gaming - I have only ever the PS2, so not sure what is good on the Xbox - I have heard and seen Gears of War - I enjoy Black on the PS2, so any game of that genre, is welcomed. I have never tried the PES series of footie games, heard they are V good - so basically looking for any advice on the really good games and those to avoid. I bought Perfect Dark Zero as it was £10!!! Just to get used to the control.

    I have a HDTV (Samsung 32" with built in freeview (not sure of spec or how many HDMI inputs, if any, I have), so any advice on the best way to get the best out of the system would be very gratefully received.

    Thanks in advance



    If you post your television people will be able to help you as connectivity will depend on the TV. Also, any particular games in mind?

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    Bowdeni, thanks for your comments, my question now amended for hopefully a clearer response.

    Many thanks


    I use this site to find the best prices for new games:
    Just type the game name you want in the search box and they look at lots of sites for latest prices.

    But I also buy second hand games from ebay if they work out to be cheaper.
    (Gear of War is Awesome by the way :thumbsup: )
    good luck

    You will need one of these component cables as the Xbox 360 doesnt have an HDMI output (Shop around for the best price, this is just to show you what cable you need)…tml Then go into your Xbox 360 settings and make sure its set to HD. Use the optical out connection to connect your 360 to a digital surround sound amp and then youve got amazing 5.1 sounds to go with your brilliant picture ! Re games, kick off with Call of Duty 2 its older than COD 3 but is widely agreed as being far superior, once youve kicked ass in that, sit and wait anxiously for COD 4 being released in Nov I think....

    if you liked black you have some similiar tastes to me.

    You have to at least try Gears of War, if you like shooters try COD2 or 3, then there's Rainbow Six Vegas or GRAW 1 & 2 if you prefer more tactical shooting.
    If you want a football game I'd say go with Pro Evo.
    Some original xbox games can be played on 360 and can be picked up quite cheaply now too.
    Dead Rising is also a stellar title.

    Putting lots of money down for cheap games now may not be so wise. Awesome new games will be coming out in the coming months - Bioshock, Stranglehold, PES 2008, GTA IV, COD4, Halo 3 to name but a few.

    Why would he need a component cable? You get one with it ?

    Not with the core you don't.

    it depends on what connections to the tv you have for your xbox360

    IF you have a connector with the 5 plugs ( red yellow white green blue ( i think)) then you have a component lead, make sure that the little box attached to the connector that goes into the xbox is swtiched to HD ( easy mistake to make). if you have scart rather than vga or component, the picture you get cant be improved untiol you get either vga or componant leads. vga is normally set to a pre defined non altering brightness and colour so go for component if you like to mess around to get the coplour and brightness just exactly how you like it.

    it will also depend on what games you play. when i first got mine, i purchased another set of cables ( i got the component leads with the premium) but thought i was doing something wrong as i belived hi definition was going to be 10 million times better. i blew £16 on the official vga and noticed no difference. at least i now have 2 cables just in case for what ever reason i need both setS?
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