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Found 29th Apr 2009
Firstly.. Im not selling this at the moment... Just wanna know what sort of price i can expect to get.

I got a Xbox 360 with a HDMI port, thats been opened, and had the XCLAMP fix done to it. It worked for 2 weeks, and now stopped again, so reckon the fix was nto done proper on it.

I also have a 256mb memory card (official)

I have 2 wirless official white controllers for the 360

and 1 360 game (champs leauge 2007)...

This box is not flashed or banned from Xbox live either...

Whats the best i can get.. (best yet realistic please for it all... or seperate?)


i think game and gamesation give 40 pounds for the 360 now

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i think game and gamesation give 40 pounds for the 360 now

its been opened.. doubt they'd buy it would they?...

for 2 controller and a 306?!.. aint the controllers worth like £15 each?!...

I would guess about £60 for the lot, maybe a little more but not much.

dont forget as you've posted in misc about this that you have to close this thread and then wait 7 days from date of closeure before you could list in in sale/trade forum...if you were thinking about selling any time soon
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