Xbox 360 iExtreme/Modded?

    I've been looking on here for a few weeks and have seen a load of 360's up for sale with either modded or iExtreme in the title. I've worked out that they can play back up games but not to sure how they stand on Xbox Live? I was wondering if anyone could answer a few questions.

    1. If my 360 was flashed with iExtreme firmware, could I still use it online with my original games or will my Xbox get banned?

    2. Is it only the backed up games/disc that Microsoft can detect or does it detect the firmware?

    3. What's the difference in the versions of firmware ie 1.41,1.51, 1.6?

    Thanks alot.


    If you want to play online the best way is to get 2 consoles, because it will eventually get banned.

    1.6 is the way foward, as older firmwares are more prone to getting caught on xbox live and newer games wont work with anything less than 1.5.

    Regarding getting 2 xbox 360s. If i was you just play till you get banned and then a new firmware will probably come out by then. Sell the banned console and just get another one. 360s these days are pretty cheap anways.

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    Can you get banned while playing your own original disc's?
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