xbox 360 inernet service provider telephone deal laptop

    can someone suggest what would be the best deal for setting up a landline, the best internet provider, a decent laptop to run my xbox 360 through online.

    i was planning on going with talk talk or bt, internet wise i may choose O2, and im not sure what sort of laptop i will need, can someone advise me many thanks

    ps, i need a tv also it has to be wll mounted and i might go for the SONY BRAVIA 32" TV, would this be a good choice, needs to 32" i just want a good tv to play my 360 on, is a 1080i or p a good option?


    you dont need a laptop for live
    just use the router the isp will give you.
    If you need it wireless I would suggest a cheap wireless bridge, wifi adapter or a pair of homeplugs
    o2 are a good isp stay away from bt and talk talk

    I was using my laptop for a while its a right pain to have to set it up all the time plus i use to have problems with NAT being strict all the time. I bought a pair of homeplugs off here and i can't fault them one bit!!

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    thanks very much guys, i will need a laptop just to surf around on, i wont go for a wireless option 1. being i will need wireless adapter and 2. i hate wireless signal i just prefer wired, but thanks again

    I have o2 which is the fastest for my area, Yorkshire plus you get a nice white router when you sign up.
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