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    Hello there.

    Heres my problem - My monitor isnt the biggest and my telly doesnt contains a pc port. So i was wondering could i maybe get internet sites from upstairs computer down to my 360 somehow?

    Sorry if not clear.


    no you cant browse the internet on your 360 (yet) you can access some sites through media centre but they are preselected useless websites

    wow you understood that, yeah thats correct the only other current games console(excluding handhelds) that can surf the net is the wii. if your telly has a hdmi or dvi connection just get a vga to hdmi or dvi adaptor and your sorted

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    My tv only has scart ?

    Depends what you mean by internet

    streaming from web tv and radio can be done by downloading Orb from [url][/url] - thi smight help

    Does your PC graphics card have an S-Video socket? If it does you could get an S-Video to Scart adaptor and do it that way.

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    The site i want to stream is [url][/url] - Il go and check the s video thingy.

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    Yeh it does s video how does that work? Thanks
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