XBOX 360 is Crackling during DVD playback

I have noticed that when playing back dvds on my xbox that I get a crackling noise in the background intermitently.

I have never noticed this before and it has been happening on brand new discs!

I have never had this before and wondered if anyone had has this problem and how they fixed it?

Any help is very much appreciated.


Nice Triple Post lol, i have no idea how u manged that :P

hmm does it happen on games as well?

Is your 360 hooked up to Live? If not, there is a media update, not sure if its just for the HD-DVD but I guess its worth a try? Also, make sure the 360 is PAL and the DVDs are Region 2s.

Original Poster

No idea how I did a triple post either!

I am hooked up to Live an believe that I have that update. I have not noticed it on games I will check.

I suppose it would be a good idea to run a lens cleaner through it as it is a couple of years old now.

I get a loud crack every now and then from my xbox but it sounds like a heat expansion crack...........don't think it used to do it.......maybe its on its way out.

Is it the popcorn in the microwave?
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