Xbox 360 Issue

Well think i know the answer already but just wanting to check.

My 360 has decided that start playing up again, im getting small white lines going horizontally accross the screen (about 3-4 inches in length on a 42" screen telly) and are scattered accross the full screen. the xbox plays fine but they are getting a tad annoying especially on dark sections of games, is this the beginning of the RROD? pretty sure my last one done the same before giving up the ghost with the RROD.

xbox is a referb (around 5 months ago) and has RROD warrenty on it.

And before anyone says get a PS3, i dont want one! lol


have you tried it on a different tele?

Think it is coming, would be best to ring microsoft and tell them.

Sounds like the graphics chipset.

There's a microsoft website you can go to that will arrange an exchange if it has a particular error, it does have a RROD (Red Ring of Death) lit up on the front right

Have you tried checking all the leads in both the 360 and the TV?

If those are all fine, does sounds like a RROD is on the way.

Original Poster

yeah checked cables etc and they are fine and no issues with the TV.

just need to wait for the inevitable again then lol at least it'll only be the 3rd time its gone back
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