Xbox 360 Jasper???

    Hi, can anybody advise how you can identify whether the xbox360 you are buying is one of the new jasper models?

    As apparently a jasper model is more reliable?

    Lots of comments have been made on various deals regarding xbox360 that you should be looking to get of of these and not old stock, but how can you tell the difference?

    I have jut bought an xbox360 60gb and thought as the 60gb recently replaced the 20gb it would be the latest model, is this correct?



    You will have to check the manuafacture date on the side of the box and i believe anything made after september 2008 is the jasper model

    look on the back beside the voltage ,it gives an amp output rating ,if its 12.1A its a jasper ,if its 14.2A its a falcon and if its 16.5A its a real old one.

    For anyone looking to buy a new jasper you can tell without removing from box as follows:

    How to Identify the Console
    1. The Xbox 360 box has a hole cut-out of the top of the cardboard where the bar code is visible. Find this hole and look at the lower left corner of the xbox 360 console. This is where you can read the amp rating of it .
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