Xbox 360 Jasper now shipping

Article here:…nts

Supposedly cooler and quieter and less likely to get busted Xbox 360's being shipped, look for one manufactured after 6th August 2008 or/and with a lot number of over 8031

Thought this might help people


nice one,

Well I purchased my xbox 360 last week, it has the manufacture date of 10 August 08, but the lot number from the box says 0833, Team FDOU

Does that make it a Jasper?

Edit, doesnt look like mine is a jasper. Look out for (MFR) as early as 2008-08-06, Lot 8031 and up, and Team CSON.

Has microsoft confirmed it yet?

Damn them lite on drives!

There an easy non costly way of modding them yet?


Damn them lite on drives!There an easy non costly way of modding them yet?

I/we can read the info from them now and swap them out with another drive, but can't flash to them directly. A new drive is only £30 - I'd hardly say it's costly.

I'd take this Jasper information with a pinch of salt. Until I see an image posted somewhere, it's just hearsay (and I'm not talking about the PopStars group!).
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